Statewide Provider serving the Developmental Disabilities since 2006
   The Open Door of New Jersey
 The Open Door of New Jersey
 We are a statewide service provider for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our company is qualified by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (D.D.D.) and Medicaid Providing Agency within the fee for service program by the state of New Jersey. We are an agency dedicated to the community we serve and all the individuals it is comprised of. Our number one priority is our commitment to help you achieve your hopes and dreams and to help guide you on your journey to live independently, no matter what your disabilities may be. Together we will develop a customized plan and goal set for you as an individual based on your personal needs.


The Open Door is dedicated to advancing the rights of persons with disabilities. Through advocacy, awareness, opportunity and supports to all individuals with disabilities, we are able to provide acceptance, independence and the necessary individual skills needed to this community to live a fulfilled and enriched life. We tailor our services by individual choices and needs. We are committed to assist individuals with disabilities with their own personal goals and help to provide them with the necessary tools they need to overcome obstacles and grasp opportunity. Our vision is to continue serving the disabled community and their families by providing access to support services and opportunities for individuals to live their best life possible.
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